Retro Pajama Mama Menudo

Here’s my Menudo recipe as promised. May you all have a Beautiful and Blessed New Year!


• 7 lbs. fresh cubed Beef Tripe

• 1 Onion

• 1 head of Garlic

• 2 tbsp. Salt

• 4 cups prepared Red Chile sauce

• 2 108 oz. cans of Hominy


Rinse tripe twice under cold running water. Divide tripe into two large pans and fill with water. Put 1 tbsp. of salt into each pot. Peel an onion, cut it in half and place in pots. Peel all cloves from head of garlic and place half in each pot. Bring pots to a boil on high heat. Once boiling, lower heat to medium to continue a soft rolling boil. I keep an extra pot of boiling water on side to add to pots as needed. After 4 hours have elapsed add 2 cups of chile sauce and 1 large can of drained hominy to each pot. Cook for approximately 2 more hours or until tripe is tender.