Retro Pajama Mama Queso

Retro Pajama Mama Party Queso 🌶

I’m very much a traditionalist and love authentic Chile con queso made with long green roasted chiles (preferably from Hatch) with sautĂ©ed onions and Monterrey Jack cheese…there are times though when you need more of a Nacho type dip and this is it…my husband came home one day and told me of this recipe a co-worker had shared with him…I tweaked it a bit and it’s always a hit….it can be served hot or cold…you will need a heavy duty blender for this.


1 Serrano jalapeño

1 whole peeled medium yellow onion

(cut both ends off and peel)

1 medium tomato

8 peeled garlic cloves

8 oz. box of cream cheese

1 lb. box of Velveeta cheese


Boil jalapeño, onion, garlic and tomato until the jalapeño goes from bright green to an army green. About 15 minutes.
With a slotted spoon, take out items (removing stem from *jalapeño) and place them whole into your blender. Follow with Velveeta (break into small pieces) and blend, after blended, add cream cheese (break into small pieces as you did with the Velveeta) and blend until smooth…do not add any water from pan. I say this because you’ll be tempted to when you hear your blender struggling but the perfect consistency will be ruined if you do. I like to make a second batch substituting the Serrano jalapeño with a regular jalapeño to combine the heat from both for the perfect queso. Serve with tostadas or pour it over hamburger steak…Delicioso 🍴

*leave whole with veins and seeds
Makes approximately 2 quarts

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